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Quality & Policy

Dureza Granito are to provide high-quality products, which perfectly meet the requirements and specifications of customers. While ever aging the extended and successful experience of the ceramic industry of the group.

Dureza Granito takes responsibility to be up to date with the market advancements by employing the right resources and complying with all requirements of a healthy work place. The concept of quality is realized in all Dureza Granito activities: a transverse conductor wire which guarantees high standards to ensure excellence. The reference points are:

The qualitative verification of every single tile with more than 40 dimensions.
A team dedicated to quality control: every day, for all products.
Personal initiative as a primary source for business growth.
The constant analysis of the industrial process, with detailed reports of all the reference values.

Production Cycle


One of the reasons for the success achieved by DUREZA GRANITO is definitely the strong and instant investment in research and innovation.The use of the most advanced technologies for constant and high quality products marks Dureza as a benchmark company in the field of Gvt/Pgvt tiles.


The powders are dosed and transported to the presses.The pressing is cannied out by hydraulic presses that practices a pressure, on the atomized powders. During the dosing and loading phases of the earth into the bed of the press, it is possible to determine both the range of colour and the possible insertion of grains and/or flakes of the product.


The superior technical features of the Dureza Granito is due to the selection of the best available raw materials in the world. The use of clays with different chemical characteristic makes it possible to achieve a mixture that combines the binding properties of these minerals.

BAKING & Quality Control

The tiles obtained using the press, are dried to take the humidity rate to a value that is suitable for the subsequent baking in roller furnace.

All production phases are subjected to numerous and strict quality controls followed by inspection on the finished products.


The preparation of the mix is achieved with a grinding phase followed by atomization. The mixture of the raw materials is damp grinded in continuous cycle rotation mills, until a liquid (barbotine) is obtained and stored in special underground tanks fitted with agitators.


The material is divided into quality categories and all tiles which do not comply with the rigid standards adopted are rejected. Each individual Dureza box carries all the useful information in compliance with the ISO 13006 (EN 14411) Standard.The pallet also indicates the date and time the goods were palletised, to guarantee total traceability of the material.