Frequently Asked Questions

Dureza Granito offers a vast collection of tiles to choose from! Our tile collection includes vitrified tiles, GVT/PGVT tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, slab tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles as well as indoor and outdoor tiles

We offer an exclusively wide spectrum of stunning and durable tiles in numerous sizes, shapes, designs and patterns. Our vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles, GVT/PGVT tiles, granite tiles and marble tiles are available in 600*600 mm, 300*600 mm, 1200*600 mm, 800*800 mm, 1000*1000 mm, 1200*1200 mm, and 800*1600 mm size.

Our slab tiles are available in 800*1600 mm, 1200*2400 mm, and 1200*2700 mm, and outdoor tiles come in 600*600 mm, 1200*600 mm, and 600*900 mm.

Tiles can be used for numerous applications such as floors, walls, kitchen backsplash and island, fireplace, entryway, indoors, outdoors, and more. Dureza Granito has a curated collection of every kind of tile suitable for every space. You can use our tiles for your residential, commercial or industrial tiling projects

Yes, our tiles are suitable for residential and commercial tiling. Every tile produced at our company is durable, stain, scratch, and heat resistant and its beauty lasts decades! You can use our tiles for any commercial space such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, public places and more.