Redefining Interiors: One Tile At A Time!

Tiles can define the very essence of a space, whether it's a cosy home, a bustling office, or an expansive industrial area. At Dureza Granito, we grasp the significance of this task and rise to it, delivering nothing short of the best. We stand proudly as one of the foremost vitrified tile manufacturers, setting benchmarks in quality and innovation. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, reflected in every tile we produce. Utilising cutting-edge technology and a touch of sophistication, we craft tiles that exude brilliance. us sequi!

Dureza 1200x2800

Dureza 1200x2600

Dureza 1200x2700

Dureza Hexagone

Dureza 600x900

Dureza 800x800 Satuario

Dureza 800x800 Lapatto

Dureza 800x800 Polish

Dureza 800x800 Matt

Dureza 1000X1000 Super White

Dureza 1000X1000 Polish 2

Dureza 1000X1000 Polish 1

Dureza 1000X1000 Carving

Dureza 1000X1000 Matt

Dureza 200X1000

Dureza 150X900

Dureza 800X2400

Dureza 1200X1800 Glossy

Dureza Artstone 2 Carving 600x1200

Dureza Artstone 1 Carving 600x1200

Dureza 300x600 & 600x600 Glossy

Dureza 300x600 & 600x600 Matt

Dureza Glossy 1 600x1200

Dureza Glossy 2 600x1200

Dureza Glossy 3 600x1200

Dureza Artstone 600x1200

Dureza Bookmatch 600x1200

Dureza Altissama 1 600x1200

Dureza Altissama 2 600x1200

Dureza Double Charge 600x1200

Dureza Uniqstone 600x1200